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EXCITING NEWS... currently being translated into Spanish. The story was written for children who may not survive their illness. This comforting story will also help all children to deal with the death of friends, family members, or even pets. It is a loving and tender tale that addresses our feelings of sadness, love, disbelief, and anger. It provides children, and those who read the story with them, a "transformational" way of viewing death and dying. This profound story is ultimately one of joy and hope. Its message is one readers will not soon forget. "Dr. Mills' book, Gentle Willow, is a beautiful, sensitive, and hope-filled metaphor which emphasizes transformation and the healing power of love. I will use it with my child patients and recommend it to their families to read together many times." --Geraldine Yarne, M.D. "I find Dr. Mills' Gentle Willow a clear and comforting message for children and their families who have to consider and deal with a life threatening illness. I think the tenderness coupled with reality is a unique blend which will comfort all who read this beautiful book." --Neal G. Sutherland, M.D. F.A.C. Director, Mahelona Hospice Service, Mahelona Hospital Cancer Care Coordinator, G.N. Wilcox Memorial Hospital, Kauai HI

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