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A tapestry of healing stories and practical steppingstones - spiritual vitamins that inspire our natural abilities to rekindle joy and embrace change. 'Reconnecting' has been translated into French and Portuguese.

"Reconnecting to the Magic of Life is a poignant, funny, sometimes painful journey shared with us by an author who risks reaching deep down inside herself to tell a story - a story that she hopes will inspire us to tell our own....Joyce shows us how to unearth our own resources by providing stories and experiences that can inspire vision and the ability to soar in our ever changing world." ~~ Excerpted from the Foreword by Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D. author of The Dancing Healers and Theft of the Spirit. Winner of 1998 National Caring Award.

"Reconnecting to the Magic of Life is a wonderful book filled with insightful metaphors and practical steppingstones to help us to face the fears in our lives and reconnect to the magical medicine of faith." ~~ Jack Canfield, Co-author of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL

"Reconnecting to the Magic of Life is full of the magic of stories and communicates very well their place in our lives today. All of us experience hurricanes in our lives and Joyce shows us that the magic of joy and healing is there if we just choose to look for it." ~~ Barbara Harris: Editor in Chief, Shape Magazine

"This book can be a beautiful resource for those who want to rejoice in and learn from their afflictions and difficulties." ~~ Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Prescriptions for Living

"To read this heart-warming book is to be enlightened and uplifted. Intelligent, thought-provoking, lyrical, and laced with a gentle sense of humor, Reconnecting to the Magic of Life helps us to do just that. The author's stories are our stories: we see ourselves in them, and through them we see ways to face and resolve dilemmas we may currently be experiencing. Do yourself a favor and make the time to read and re-read this book. It will change your life -- for the better." ~~ Sam Horn, Author of Tongue Fu and Concrete Confidence.

"A book that everyone seeking to shed fear and find faith must read." ~~ Arun Gandhi, President of M.K. Gandhi Insititute for Nonviolence.

"As I read Reconnecting to the Magic of Life, I found myself transported to the locations and experiences described in this excellent, inspiring book. Using 'teaching tales,' Joyce Mills shares experiences from her own journey of healing and empowerment-of becoming who she is today-as well as stories from people she has met, loved, and worked with along the way. For people interested in how we move through problems with creativity, optimism and a sense of master, this is a delicious, generous, and wise book." ~~ Nancy J. Napier, MFCC, Author of Sacred Practices for Conscious Living.

Book Review: The Honolulu Advertiser - Saturday, May 20, 2000 Section: Island Life - Words & Music - Column: Spiritual Soundbites: Inner bliss and insightful sprites

"Joyce C. Mills is a storyteller, writer, speaker and therapist with a particular interest in the use of metaphor, story and art in psychological healing. In 1992, with their children grown and a yen for a simpler lifestyle, she and her husband, Eddie, moved from Los Angeles to Kauai with a small budget and big dreams. That was 10 days before Hurricane Iniki devastated the island. As 200-mph winds tore at the roof of the high school where they were sheltering, Joyce and Eddie huddled with others under a cafeteria table. She began telling Eddie a story about a dream she had that illustrated for her the need to have faith in spite of fear. Later Mills came to believe that we all endure the devastation of "hurricanes" in our lives and can survive them with the help of faith--and story lessons. This warmly written book is composed of stories followed by exercises designed to personalize the message of each of the tales. Many are real-life experiences; some are traditional tales from indigenous cultures, including that of Hawaii. People are always giving Mills stories. Her sensitivity and ability to see into these stories inspire us to look more deeply into the stories we hear -- and tell. Reading these stories -- aloud, perhaps, to friends or family -- and performing the creative exercises (many are art projects that sound quite enjoyable) would, indeed, help you "reconnect to the magic of life." ~~ Ann M. Sato, Honolulu Advertiser.

Book Review: The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter; Vol. 20. NO. 2

"Joyce Mills, Ph.D., does in Reconnecting to the Magic of Life, what Julia Cameron did in The Artist's Way. Reading this book feels like spending beautiful time with a learned friend who integrates stories and ceremonies from many cultures including Hawaiian, Native American and Jewish. Where Julia Cameron uses the tasks of writing to enhance daily creativity, Mills utilizes storytelling and active play "Steppingstones" that can be tangible, three-dimensional objects to hold in your hand or images created for the heart. She instills an attitude of looking daily for magical moments with people and nature. "Where you stand you pray" encapsulates her beautiful in-the-moment style and direction of life and the work she does with clients. Easily this book could have been called, Transitions to the Magic of Life as Mills embodies Milton H. Erickson's utilization principle through storytelling and metaphor. Her specialty is viewing difficult life transitions as opportunities for "Steppingstones" into greater love, creativity and depth of compassion for our relationships and selves. Poignant, loving stories are shared, such as the death or illness of a loved one, natural disasters, coming to creative terms of raising a mentally or physically challenged child, moving 3000 miles away to make your dreams come true, facing personal rejection and more. The metaphor of a butterfly's life particularly hit home. There are four stages of a butterfly's transformation: the Egg, the Caterpillar, the Chrysalis (Cocoon) and the Emerging Butterfly. Last year, my husband and I bought a house by the sea adjacent to a nationally designated estuary. As is my practice, I name our homes. This one is called, "Cocoon de Luz" which means cocoon of light in Spanish. It is a place we nurture what Mills calls "imaginal discs." This is a biological term describing cells that are genetically encrypted to propel the butterfly's transition from the chrysalis stage to the emerging butterfly, if all the conditions are right. I would imagine if butterflies have documented "imaginal discs," then surely we humans do, too. As is the case with Mills, all great teachers seem to have the ability to make tangible a means of helping people uniquely identify and move from a boxed-in chrysalis stage to emerging as a butterfly. Her stories will make you laugh, cry and think. Without a doubt, the most touching story was at the very end, "The Banana Kiss." I suppose you will have to read this joyful book to the last page to find out what it is, or perhaps find it on her web site." ~~ Reviewed by Kathryn L. Rossi, Ph.D. Los Osos, California.

Book Review: By Dan Hays, Statesman Journal, Sunday, March 25, 2001

"Reconnecting to the Magic of Life," by Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D. Imaginal Press, Kekaha,Hawaii; 2000; 236 pages; trade paperback; ISBN 0-9673280-0-4.

"Joyce C. Mills has two valuable skills that merge perfectly. She is an experienced marriage and family therapist with a Ph.D. in psychology, and she is an expert storyteller. She understands the deep truth to be found in metaphor and traditional storytelling. She respects the cultures and sacred beliefs of all peoples. "Reconnecting to the Magic of Life" is, in a word, accessible. There is no "New Age" language, no "psycho-babble." What Mills provides here is a means to examine your own life and find ways to make it better. Much better. Downright exciting, in fact. She does this by leading the reader through the experience of others and through the accumulated wisdom of many cultures. She does this with practical, east-to-understand language. This is a book that can (and should) be read, and used, in easy stages, at each readers' own chosen pace. Mills' advice is dead-on because she has not only helped her clients, she also has been through literal and figurative storms herself. What she has to say deals with life as we all live it. An investment in this book could permanently change your life for the better." ~~ Reviewed by Dan Hays, Statesman Journal.

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