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EXCITING NEWS! Now being translated into Korean. 'Sammy' is a delightful story that children and their parents can appreciate on two levels: It can help children overcome the problem of bedwetting, while it enhances the self-esteem of children of all ages.


Book Review: The Honolulu Advertiser - Sunday, June 18, 2000 OHANA: Family - Health - Community - Section D "LESSONS ON LIFE" "Kaua'i therapist's books teach children about tough topics... Coping with death is hard enough. Then you have to explain it to a child. But Joyce C. Mills, a motivational speaker and licensed marriage and family therapist on Kaua'i, has found a heart-warming way to communicate the complex issues of death and serious medical conditions to children. Her books help parents help their children understand through colorful characters and simple story plots. "I use storytelling for healing," Mills said. "Little Tree: A Story for Children With Serious Medical Problems" tells about a tree that learns to deal with losing two branches during a storm. "Gentle Willow: A story About Dying" is about Gentle Willow, which becomes too sick for tree wizards to heal. They teach Willow's friends that love will ease her pain. "Sammy the Elephant & Mr. Camel," teaches children self-confidence and patience to overcome bed-wetting." ~~ Catherine E. Toth, Honolulu Advertiser.

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